Sunday, September 17, 2017

My Birthday Present From Me

Yesterday I posted a picture of this chair on my Facebook page and the response was overwhelming. It is so gorgeous from all sides. I wish I could put it in the center of the room so we could enjoy it from all sides.
It was hand painted by Monne Haug, a Kenosha, Wisconsin artist. In addition to being beautiful it is extremely comfortable.
This is the front view of the chair. Notice how she has painted the legs, 3 different greens, one for each section of the legs. …but wait, there’s more.
This is a view of the right side of the chair.
Here is the back of the chair.
And lastly, the left side.
I know you will understand why I wanted this in the middle of the room so all sides could be appreciated.
My plan was to put in in the place I moved out the black leather recliner.
Enter Kim….she had a idea how to move things so it would be visible and appreciated from all sides.
We  worked together. She suggested the location and did the final placement of the chair and cabinet. I found this small cabinet in a bedroom, made the arrangement in the copper pot and added a few accessories. To complement the chair I only shopped my house.
I am so pleased not only with the chair but that it is such a beautiful addition to the room.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Can You Believe This?

Exactly one year to the day and minute the mileage on my car read 2000 miles more than last year.
Image may contain: text
This is what I had to say on this date last year:
Exactly three years ago today at this exact time I was on my way home from the car dealership with my new car.
It is now safe in my garage and just turned 6000 miles.
If I drive it again I'll spoil this third birthday surprise for the car

Yes, I have owned it now for 4 years.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My Studio And My Work–An On Going Process

I am always tweaking my lists, projects and studio organization.
At the present time my studio is full of works in progress waiting to be completed and an assortment of other fiber related things.
My cutting table has pieces of leftovers from projects that I will use to create new work. It also has many  things for various other uses.
There are several projects waiting for attention on my main sewing machine!
I went through a lot of boxes and bins and pulled out small projects to finish when I have short stretches of time to sew.
These are some of the quilts that are in line to be quilted soon along with other supplies, finished work in the background and other stuff.
Yes, this is what a working studio looks like when I am creating and trying to finish things. It is definitely NOT meant to be a gallery or show room at this time.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Favorite Quilt Blocks

I said I’d show close ups of some of the blocks when I shared the entire quilt. These are some of my favorite blocks. You also can see the quilting detail so much better on them.
I enjoyed doing a little embroidery on this block. Appliqueing the birds was a challenge as they were so tiny.
This beehive block also allowed me to do some hand embroidery.  There was just enough embroidery on this quilt to make it enjoyable.
This block had a lot of tiny applique pieces. By the time I got to this one my applique skills were back on track.
These are only 4 of the nine blocks in the quilt. They are also the most complex.
You can click on each block to see them enlarged. This will also allow you to see the quilting stitches better.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Newly Finished Quilt

This started out trying to use some scraps of fabric I was not pleased with, yet not ready to throw away. They were odd shapes and sizes.
My friend Robbie Porter Payne had a Thermofax screen that was interesting and fit the size of my scraps so I printed 4 identical designs. I believe these are some sort of diagram from the auto industry.

Next was the challenge of trying to make something with them. I trimmed each of them to the same size and found the burgundy dyed fabric I had created earlier. The little circle design was also from one of her screens but I messed it up. No problem, cut out the good part and used it for the center.
It needed something more so I pulled out more of my dyed fabrics and added Thermofax printing from one of my original design screens to create the border fabric.
I had very little of the burgundy fabric left to bind it. I figured out mathematically how to get enough for a narrow binding. WHOOPS! I cut it a quarter inch too wide.I found some very small scraps of the fabric and was able to stretch it to fit.
What a relief to finish it and it only took about 2 years.
My journey from start to finish is never a straight line!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Double Ikat Textile

I received this as a gift from my friend Sita Rao.
I LOVE it. My first reaction was to use it as a scarf or shawl. I realized it needed to be displayed somewhere in my home to be truly appreciated. It now has a place of honor in my studio.
This is an art that almost died out until the the government in India stepped in. They designated 3 cities/regions in India to produce this type of weaving. Now I may not have all the details correct and I hope Sita will read this and clarify it. My information is in Florida I believe.
I love the colors, the pattern and the skill that went into weaving this with such fine cotton threads. And more so I love the fact that she would gift me something that would be so perfect for me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

My Eclipse Quilts

With all the interest in the eclipse several people posted eclipse quilts.
I didn’t think I had any.
Today a friend visited me and she said two of my quilts WERE eclipse quilts. I had to agree with her.
Like the sun yesterday you can see the pictures of the sun and also can see when it is hidden or partially hidden. Most of the fabrics in this quilt are ones I painted, although there are a few hand dyed fabrics. If you have not seen this before you may have a hard time finding all the circles I pieced into this one.
This quilt was made with some of the fabrics and pieces from the above quilt. It does relate to the movement of the eclipse even though that is not where I was heading on this either.
I find it interesting that another pair of eyes can see what we don’t see even though we are looking at the same thing.
So thanks Eileen for your observation!